I love and live for God

Hi my name is tricia , I came from a broken home suffered many nights of abuse and agony.
I wasn’t raised going to church or believing in GOD. Although my life was horrible I always kept positive. In my teen years I was confused and lost. One day at night I was laying in bed crying thinking why me , at that moment I had heard a whisper everything will be ok , trust god. I was like god? What about god? So the next day I went to a local church and got a bible I read some of the bible, I soon started praying everyday for myself and others because I am not selfish. So it was weeks after I started feeling better I felt happy I felt like a new person. It was like god healed me from all the evil I endured and all the self pity. I since have had full faith and lived a better life. I swear if I didn’t do what I did I would have been dead by now.. I feel that he is real and I am happy because of him. Thank GOD for his presence. I love and live GOD…. Amen!


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